Monday, January 14, 2013

Polymeri Online 14.1.13 | Clever polymer, Hypnotizing jewelry, Scented miniature, Clay-paper display and new projects samples for my CFCF classes

Polymer clay Jewelry by Victoria
Russian artist Victoria Mkhitarian's flickr gallery is a treat to the eye. Clever beads, original assembling and interesting patterns features her art work.
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Still waters by Cassy
A visit at Cynthia Tinnaple's pinterest gallery led me to find Cassy Muronaka's website and jewelry. Her Still waters pendants, deep, 3D, are hypnotizing. Cassy was a journalist for many years and decided to move from journalism to photojournalism. In the early 1990s, Cassy began working with polymer clay as a nighttime relief from the joys of motherhood and using it since.

Miniature polymer clay bobby pins
Candice Ware is the artist behind these cute bunny waffle bobby pins, she creates miniature food jewelry that's scented and also sell molds for your own DIY art. Want your jewelry scented as well? check out her fragrance bottles in her Etsy store.

Original toilet-polymer jewelry display
This is one original jewelry display made of.... toilet paper!
The crafter - WingsOfClay said she was looking for a reasonable priced display and when couldn't find any she used a paper towel roll, a toilet paper roll, and scrap clay. A full photo tutorial is included!

Brocade collection bags
I was busy the past month preparing new project samples for my guest classes on Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2013 (CFCF), Maryland, USA, this event is going to be a great opportunity to polymer clay artists to share knowledge, exchange techniques and... have a good time! After all, a good university isn’t an institution, but a community of learning.
If you're considering having 1 week off from home duties, laundry and sleepless nights, and speak "polymerian" all day (and night!) check the last spots available -

Brocade collection bags

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Skyscraper pendants/beads

Skyscraper pendants/beads

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